GHE Waterpack 8 Pot CompleteGHE Waterpack 8 Pot Complete

Ghe Waterpack 8 Pot Complete

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WaterFarm 8-Pack
8-Pack- Classic “plug n play” 8-bucket system
The WaterFarm 8-pack is eight WaterFarm module units connected to one General Hydroponics Controller- an integrated 13 gallon reservoir and an 8 gallon controller unit. The controller will keep each unit topped off with the correct level of nutrient for low maintenance. The WaterFarm 8-Pack is powered by GH’s Dual Diaphragm Air Pump and includes necessary hardware and Flora Series nutrients. The grower can arrange the WaterFarm units in a design that is suitable for any environment. Pack them tight or space them out for your growing situation. The WaterFarm 8-Pack is the system for big growers. Clay pebbles not included. You'll need about 70 liters of hydroton/clay pebbles to fill a WaterFarm 8-Pack.
This complete system includes:
8-WaterFarm modules
8-gallon controller
13-gallon reservoir
Blue tubing & fittings
Air line & fittings
Dual diaphragm air pump
3-part Flora Kit
Circulating Upgrade Kit
Have an older WaterFarm 8-pack?
This kit contains everything needed to reconfigure a WaterFarm 8-Pack and add nutrient circulation capability to a unit manufactured prior to 2009. This promotes even growth and more consistent results overall.